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    The Kids Neuroscience Conference Pediatric Departments in UAE
    6th October 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    The Kids Neuroscience Conference Pediatric Departments in UAE
    6th October 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    The Kids Neuroscience Conference Pediatric Departments in UAE
    6th October 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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It is our great pleasure to invite you to The kids Neuroscience Conference that will be held on October 6th 2017 in Dubai in collaboration with pediatric departments in UAE. This conference will be for one day only but will cover the latest in ever evolving child neurology field.

It will cover a host of topics in child neurology to include, but not limited to: Pediatric epilepsy, Pediatric neuroimmunology, pediatric neuroradiology, pediatric neurogenetic and neurometabolic disorders, spasticity, headache, stroke, movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders and for the first-time workshop for Botulinum toxin injection under US guidance and neonatal EEG workshop.

We will have many international and regional speakers who are well known in their field and known to be good speakers. Our goal is to try to deliver the highest quality talks in a field lacks any regional or national conferences.We will try to cater a special workshops and talks to the need of general pediatricians as well as child neurologist.

We strongly recommend you to attend such a highly-subspecialized conference in Dubai, the pearl of the gulf area. We are very sure that you will have a fruitful and memorable experience.

Dr Hamza Alsayouf, MD
Chairman of the Conference
Consultant Child Neurologist American Board
Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center
Dr. Essam El Gamal
Consultant pediatric Neurosurgeon
Head Division of Neurosurgery
Shaikh Khalif Medical City. Abu Dhabi, UAE


Dr. Mohamed Malik
Dr. Qudsia Khan
Dr. Muhammad Aslam
DR. Arif Khan
Dr. Binu George
Dr. Pawan Kashyape
Dr. Haitham El Bashir
Dr. Amin Sohal
Dr. Manoj Singh
Dr. Syed Arif Hosain


  • Pediatric Epilepsy.
  • Neurometabolic and Neurogenetic Disorders.
  • Neuroimmunology disorders.
  • Pediatric Neuroradiology.
  • Spasticity.
  • Neuromuscular disorders.
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG).
  • Pediatric Stroke.
  • US guided Botox Injection Workshop.


Dr. Aiman Rahmani
Dr. Dina Saleh
Dr. Guru Raj
Dr. Imad Yaseen
Dr. Jehan Suleiman
Dr. Noora Alminhali
Dr. Omar Ismail
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim
Dr. Abdalla Ali Abdalla


Dr. Amr El shawarby
Dr. Ibrahim Althobaiti
Dr. Essam El Gamal
Dr. Waleed Abdulla


Dr. Angela vincent
Dr. Maria Cilio
Dr. Paul McArthur
Dr. Khaled Zamel
Dr. Mohamed Shohab
Dr. Rosemary Boustany
Dr. Younis Abdalla
Dr. Maohamad Mikati



Registration Fee

Pre-registration and corresponding payment must be received by the deadlines indicated.

Registration and payment before 1st Apr, 2017
Registration and payment after 1st Apr, 2017
On Site
Registration and payment received on 6th Oct, 2017
Physicians 950.00 AED 1200.00 AED 1500.00 AED
Nurse 600.00 AED 750.00 AED 1100.00 AED
Students (*) 400.00 AED 600.00 AED 950.00 AED

(*) Confirmation of ‘in training’ status and a letter from the Head of Department are required as well as a copy of a passport/national identity card providing that the registrant is under the age of 35. These documents should be sent to the CME by Fax: +971 4 361 5929.

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